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First Time

What is Bouldering?

It’s like climbing ….without the ropes…just you against the wall. It’s a great activity for the WHOLE family (children must be 5 by the time they climb with us)!
The walls are obviously lower, and they are surrounded by soft padded mats (in case you fall). It’s fun, challenging & empowering.
It is super social and best of all anyone can do it.

What to Bring

During COVID-19 restrictions you are required to use our climbing shoes so please ensure you are wearing socks or bring a pair.
Climbing Shoes make a huge difference to your climbing.
Speedos are probably not the best fashion decision for climbing, nor are skirts or dresses.


Bouldering (kids climbing) is super fun, but as with all physical activities, there are risks. Prior to using Umbrella Nine Co’s facilities, you must complete a waiver either online or in store. Save time and fill it out online before you come. No need to bring it in, we’ll be able to look it up when you arrive.

Rules & Safety

Landing Safety

Climb down whenever possible, using any holds

Land on both feet evenly to distribute impact – collapse your knees and roll onto your bottom

Try to avoid landing on straight legs

Let the mat absorb your impact

Keep practicing your fall – from a low height to start with

Expected Behaviour

Stay off the mats unless you’re climbing 

NO running

No food or drink on the mats

Look up when you walk around, climbers may be climbing above you

Closed in shoes must be worn when climbing

If a climber is already on a wall you want to climb, just wait – it won’t be long

Don’t cross paths with another climber 

Look after your fellow climbers